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THE VINE with Joe & Katie Devine

Welcome to “The Vine” with Joe and Katie Devine, where we embark on a journey through the twists and turns of life, love, and faith in our formative twenties. Join us as we candidly share our triumphs, trials, and everything in between, inviting you into our world of learning and growing together. Through heartfelt conversations, we navigate the complexities of marriage, relationships, and spirituality, reflecting on our missteps and milestones with humility and grace.

As branches of the same divine Vine, we embrace the power of community and the guidance of faith, aiming to inspire and uplift our listeners as we collectively journey toward greater understanding and connection. Welcome to a space where vulnerability meets wisdom and where, together, we discover the beauty of being intertwined in the vine of life.

IRREVERENTLY REVERENT with Mike Sylvester, Kevin Pastore, & Justin Dery

Irreverently Reverent is dedicated to fostering authentic dialogue within the Catholic community by fearlessly tackling challenging topics, sharing personal testimonies, offering practical solutions, and providing insightful perspectives for the everyday Catholic.

We envision Irreverently Reverent as a beacon of truth and understanding, where listeners can find solidarity, guidance, and inspiration in navigating the complexities of faith and life, guided by the irreverent yet reverent voices of Mike, Kevin, and Justin.

P.S. not actual photo of Mike, Kevin, and Justin LOL

HEY FATHER, GOT A MINUTE with Father Francis McCarty, O.S.B

Join Father Francis for what we like to call Catholic 101. Father Francis breaks down various Catholic topics from “Did Adam and Eve have a belly button?” to “How do I talk faith with my family?” 

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